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Plans involved searching and the picking out a select few for a one-way trip to the red planet

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"It's easy to see results and take the wrong read of them," says Mr Platt

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He was led from the field with a bloody towel pressed against his face

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Martin O'Malley have been auditioning before labor unions this summer, seeking their stamp of approval and an army of volunteers that can fuel campaigns

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The team had baseline images of a section of the Great Barrier Reef that was later damaged by a typhoon

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Data from CLS, used almost universally by the banking industry to process or settle foreign exchange trades, shows that global average daily volume slipped 0.6 percent to $4.61 trillion in May

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A stronger dollar can act as a drag on the U.S

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Back in 2006, the British-based ute-maker introduced its Range Rover Sport

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This procedure saved her life, but what happened next is sickening.

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The two firms don't lend money directly, but buy mortgagesfrom lenders and sell them as packaged securities with agovernment guarantee

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This prehistoric stone-throwing, researcher Reid Ferring believes, taught small groups of people how to socialize — essentially, how to collaborate in an attack against a lion

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NEW YORK, Aug 18 (IFR) - Peru raised US$1.25bn in the bondmarket on Tuesday, breaking a month-long issuance lull in LatinAmerica and defying negative sentiment about the region'scommodity exporters.

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The Septembercontract expires on Thursday.

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NEW YORK, Aug 19 (Reuters) - Fears about China's economy andfalling oil prices kept world equity indexes under pressure onWednesday, while the dollar lost ground after minutes from theU.S

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"We have been reading so many stories of death and loss, especially our young firefighters

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The Wolverines host Michigan State on Oct

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"The trust a patient has in their physician to have their best interests at heart must not be compromised."

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The SEC reportedly has investigated whether another big U.S

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Richard Rosen, a former commandant of the U.S

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The S&P 500 was down 6.07 points, or 0.29percent, at 2,096.37 and the Nasdaq composite was down25.55 points, or 0.5 percent, at 5,066.15.

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This is the hallmark of anti Semitism-masked-as politics: the inability to differentiate between Jews, Judaism, Zionism, Israelis and the Israeli government

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It was not until the rise of Millennials in the lastfew years that the industry underwent a renaissance.

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If that is the case, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who considers Brady his fourth son, may have encouraged his quarterback to take one for the team and put this to bed

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Starting with Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs back in Fall 2013 and now Alexander Wang has brought it back again in his Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

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Even so, it has plans to begin a series of robotic missions to the Moon with a view to developing a long term presence on the lunar surface and a proposal for a probe to Venus.

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The lawyers met on their own Thursday

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Women's groups, including the National Organization for Women, signed on to the effort, though it was funded by Sprout and other companies working on female sex drugs.

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Other recent occasions where Greek MPs have carried on debating into the small hours include:

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The Sergeants Benevolent Association launched the online photo blitz last week, urging members and their friends and families to post photos they say document declining quality of life in the city.

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The hands-on training that internships provide is one reason universities encourage, and sometimes even require, internships during college, but these opportunities aren't just for undergraduates

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Susanna Reid might not get star struck during interviews, but she was certainly the envy of women around the world when she interviewed Tom Cruise at the Edge of Tomorrow premiere

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In a test ballot of conservative lawmakers late on Tuesday - a non-binding vote - a clear majority voted in favor of the bailout

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The country's trade deficit narrowed 22.8 percent to aN$5.8 billion ($469 million) deficit, versus a N$7.6 billionshortfall a year ago.

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In fact, Kite announced last fall that eight patients with B-cell cancer experienced complete remission and that four others experienced a partial remission

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On Wednesday Lafazanis repeated his opposition to thebailout and signalled he might refuse to support Tsipras in anyconfidence vote

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That means international students can save a year's worth of tuition.

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This guy’s a blowhard goof who should never be in a movie, none of which do I go see

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The same goes for the appliances.

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He was impeached by the state's General Assembly in early 2009, becoming the first Illinois governor to be removed from office