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A Central Florida University fraternity member who is heard chanting "rape" on a video taken at a party is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at an off-campus apartment, according to a report.
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Or go for gold with the help of our edit below
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Since the Speedo Shine has no built-in display, you need to sync the device to an app to check on your progress
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There's also a recording of Afghan-Arab fighters - Arabs fighting in Afghanistan against the Soviet invasion force - having breakfast at a training camp in late 1980s
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18 — was "conspicuously absent" from the Wells Report.
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The company on Tuesday said itagreed to invest $200 million in BuzzFeed in a deal that people familiar with the situation say values the new-mediacompany at $1.5 billion
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One category where the 40-year-old slugger isn't looking up at anyone is career grand slams
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The settlement is one of the first SEC actions under the FCPA, which includes anti-bribery provisions -- giving anything of value to a foreign official in exchange for business deals is prohibited
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Gilbert, 51, who moved to Howell, Michigan, in 2013, said in a tweet on Monday that she was "excited to announce my run for U.S
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However, such groups usually claim responsibility for their attacks.
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has admitted to force-feeding detainees at its Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Britain force-fed some Irish Republican Army prisoners on hunger strikes.
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Authorities identified the suspect from a grainy security video that shows the man, wearing a yellow T-shirt and carrying a black backpack at the crowded shrine
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Sales of new and existing homes have climbed in the first half of 2015
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No date has been set for his next appearance.
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I felt alone, sad, and like the world fell apart.”
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That trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2015
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Influential and socially conservative, he's the one trying to begin impeachment proceedings against the president.
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"The pick-up in refinance activity was led by larger loan sizes on average, as continued investor interest drove jumbo interest rates down even further."
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Storm's exact style is now sold out, but click (right) to buy some blue mirrored Clubmasters from Asos
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"There is little in the current report to dissuade any FOMCmembers from taking rates off the zero bound," said strategistGennadiy Goldberg at TD Securities in New York
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Snapdeal, which bills itself as India's version of Alibaba,did not break out individual investments
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Kik faces stiff competition in mobile chat, with Snapchattargeting the same teenage audience and Facebook Inc's Messenger and WhatsApp products claiming far more users
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Many retailers such as Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walmart are creating online checklists to make back-to-school shopping easier for those who like to shop online.
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Brugnaro shot back on Tuesday on Twitter, saying "The challenge is to give real resources for saving #Venice," adding in dialect: "Let's get to facts, out with the cash #Elton John."
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They are "coming into the market in a big way,"Koerten says - and while they may not be having kids as early astheir parents did, they are definitely "spoiling their littlefurbabies."
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Midwest region fell to 92.2percent last week, the biggest weekly drop in eight months.
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These cookies store no personally identifiable information.
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Three other officers arrived just as the baby was born
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"Even after 10 years of war, questions remain about whether women have the physical and mental strength to be top combat leaders," Fulton said
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Consumer prices, which make up inflation, barely rose in July, according to the Labor Department
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"There is some damage in a part of the brain that was probably caused by a lack of vitamins..
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He said, “We have seen tumors melting away in weeks and complete responses in a very sick and desperate group of patients with one of the worst types of aggressive cancers”
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"The criminal, or criminals, involved in this act have appointed themselves as the moral judge, juror, and executioner, seeing fit to impose a personal notion of virtue on all of society."
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A year ago, many of the diplomats present could hardly have imagined seeing the Stars and Stripes flying again over Havana so soon
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Sidney Wolfe, founder and senior adviser of Public Citizen's Health Research Group
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Forest Service said fire managers are considering asking Australia and New Zealand to lend firefighters
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The peace deal includes provisions on how to share power with Machar and calls for a demilitarized capital.
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Splash some serious cash on Current/Elliott at Asos or we're partial to Free People's version at Shopbop.
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Opponents continue to warn furiously that the result could be just the opposite: to strengthen Tehran's hand, in an existential threat to Israel and the world.
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"I want to ask you about maybe having a passport to go back and forth so that I can do business here," the American athlete proposed to Putin
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The level was relatively stable until 2001, when George W Bush decided to increase the SPR to its capacity
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One of the great things about Vix bikinis is that each print tends to come in up to three different variations of cut so you can mix and match to your heart's content
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The brazen, unmasked thief taking about two hours to finish the job, disconnecting the battery to disable the alarm, then skillfully removing about $5,000 worth of parts.
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